Bio and Artist's Statement

Deborah Druick was born in Montreal, Canada  and earned degrees from the Montreal Museum School of Art and Design, Dawson College, and Concordia University. After a career as Creative Director with international retail companies in North America and Asia she returned full-time to painting. She has exhibited her work internationally in Hong Kong and Macau, as well as in the United States. She lives in New York.

My subversively humorous paintings depict characters and situations in a disquieting world of heightened colors and cropped bodies. I take mundane everyday situations and convert them to  tableaux of heightened shadows, impossible perspectives, and textured details. There is a dream-like quality to my work with hints of a darker psychological aesthetic. My cropped compositions force a more focused examination of detailed treatments of hair or fabrics counterbalanced with bright borders or blocks of color. My inspirations come from my love of observation and a passion for art history, the Surrealists and the Chicago Imagists in particular.

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