Bio and Artist's Statement

Deborah Druick was born in Montreal, Canada  and earned degrees from the Montreal Museum School of Art and Design, Dawson College, and Concordia University. After a career as Creative Director with international retail companies in North America and Asia she returned full-time to painting. She has exhibited her work internationally in Hong Kong and Macau, as well as in the United States.

My stylized, graphic painting technique depicts an exploration of identity and femininity. In this endeavor I am in the position of being  both the observer and the observed. There is a complexity and mystery to my subjects as they are not placed in the context of a readily readable environment, but stand within a geometric abstract world. I emphasize stereotypical aspects of femininity, the hair or nails, for example, taking these aspects to an extreme. My color choices consist of a strong bright acrylic palette with complementaries playing off against each other.  I take mundane everyday situations and convert them into tableaux of heightened shadows, impossible perspectives and textured details. My inspiration comes from my interest in the work of the Chicago Imagists, Jim Nutt and Christina Ramburg in particular.

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