Bio and Artist's Statement

Deborah Druick was born in Montreal, Canada  and earned degrees from the Montreal Museum School of Art and Design, Dawson College, and Concordia University. After a career as Creative Director with international retail companies in North America and Asia she returned full-time to painting. She has exhibited her work internationally in Hong Kong and Macau, as well as in the United States. She lives in New York.

My event-driven paintings depict characters and situations in an unrealistic world of raster dots and bright colors inspired by a media controlled life in an urban world. My paintings act as an allegory for the intense media manipulation of news and images that constantly bombard my consciousness. The proximity of this information penetrates and informs my world serving as inspiration for my work.

As an artist living in the Bronx, the city is an essential part of my visual lexicon. The characters that I paint come from news stories of damaged personalities and evolve into different versions of myself, male or female, observing, thinking, and processing my everyday experiences. I use the iconic cartoon imagery of past decades originally meant to depict a good, clean American lifestyle and I juxtapose that innocence against the urban grittiness of the present day. The grid dot format in my work conveys the impression of reproduction and simulation, further enhancing my manipulation of reality. The heavily outlined forms in my paintings serve as protective armor or cloaks of invincibility for my characters.

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